Spazmoid Dickies

Insulated Hydroponic Grow Rooms

Insulated          Airtight       Available in a combination of sizes and colors

Grow your Tomatos and plants year round

Hydroponic Insulated Grow Room

     Our Standard Size 4ft.x 4ft.x 7ft. expandable felt and reflective foil covered foam panels assembled in   any configuration and unlike grow tents, Insulated grow rooms can be easily temperature controlled

 Additional panels can be added for expansion up to 8 ft.x 16 ft. 

Easily cut holes for Venting, A/C and heating ducts

Viewing windows available       Custom Colors

   Just install your lights, Heating and A/C and your hydroponic system

Prices start at $800.00 for the Standard 4ft.x 4ft.x 7ft. unit pictured



Pricing and Ordering Information Coming Soon